Perhaps the most important number when it comes to any kind of investment that you may consider is a number known as your rate of return or ROI. This is what percentage you make in profit on any amount that you put into an investment. Clearly, you want that percentage to be as high as you can possibly get it. We want to look at a few things you can do to raise your ROI on the investments you currently hold or those that you are at least considering.

Get Rid Of Your Annuities

There is nothing particularly wrong with annuities. They are just an agreement between yourself and an insurance company to strike a deal whereby you pay them a certain amount of money upfront and they pay you back with interest over a set period of time. That is all fine and good, but you may want to free up some of that cash to use towards other investments right now.

Selling your annuities to Settle4Cash for a reduced pile of cash or even to some other individual or business makes sense when it comes to building your capital. You should be stacking up as much cash as possible right now so that you can put it into things with the highest ROI.

Invest Wisely In The Stock Market

The stock market is an excellent place to put your money for a nice ROI, but make sure that you do so in a diversified way. This means that you spread out your investment dollars among a variety of different companies within the market in order to reduce your risk and raise the potential that your money might grow. That is a good way that you can make somewhere in the neighborhood of eight to ten percent in the average year.

Consider Increasing Your Savings Rate

Think of this last tip as investing in yourself. You might want to consider putting some extra money in your savings account simply by trimming down your budget. Every dollar saved is a dollar earned as they say, and that is really true when talking about your savings rate. The better you get at building that savings muscle the more money you will have to do the kinds of things that you really want to do. It may seem like a small sacrifice, but it can pay off big time.